Why Sports Tipping

  • #1

    Continual Customer engagement

    3 emails and 2 site visits per week for the lifetime of the competition

  • #2

    Easy to implement and manage

    We handle tipper support and system upgrades for you.

  • #3

    Custom branded for you

    Completely branded to your organisation, with ability to send out new promos each week.

  • #4

    Hosted on your website

    The tipper visits your website while our Australian IT team handle the technology for you.

  • #5

    Proven to increase website traffic

    We have statistics that prove a doubling of website traffic during tipping competitions.

  • #6

    Associative marketing

    Sporting leagues and teams spend millions of dollars on marketing each year, leverage this spending for your own business marketing.

  • #7

    Collect demographic information

    Ask your tippers all the important questions when they sign up, it's completely customisable.